We are a team of women, led by a renowned tourism professional and we have, as a common denominator, our immeasurable passion for the city of Porto!

It was in this city, small in size but huge in soul that we were born and grew up, and our academic and professional choice fell into this activity, which has the main objective of making people happy, by creating surprising moments and unforgettable experiences.

We are known as “tripeiras” by nickname, “Portuenses” because of our birthplace and have in our DNA an huge amount of affection, joy and hospitality, typical characteristic of the Northern people, which we transport to all our tailor made experiences.

These are the features that are placed in the programs that we “draw” for those who demand and order a remarkable experience, unique and surprising.

Our inspiration is renewed daily. Just by walking through the city center, entering the Bolhão Market, having a “Cimbalino” at the Majestic coffee shop, eating a shrimp patty at the Império pastry shop, visit a used bookstore at Rua das Flores and watching the cats’ laziness laying in the sun of Porto’s rooftops. It is inevitable that, when visiting these places, the vibrant accent of the people of Porto gets in your ears and becomes embedded in your soul.

More than a city, Porto becomes a sense of belonging and it’s with great pride that we, the “Portuenses” say – We are Porto!

In its historic center “embroidered in granite”, with the Douro streaming down at its feet and classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, there are must-see places to shop for things of all styles and eras; we have designers’ shops to suit all tastes and excellent restaurants from the most typical, to the fusing and those of famous cookery book authors.

Do not miss the “moves” in the Galleries, with beautiful people of all ages celebrating life, night after night, and that are winning more supporters from all over the world, on a daily basis!

You should not leave our city without experiencing unforgettable moments that only happen in this city: a tour in a Rabelo boat, a visit with a tasting of the “fine wines” in the wine cellars of Porto and a trip in a tramway, crossing downtown and ending at Foz do Douro.

If you still have some time left, be sure to visit some of our parks, our gardens and belvederes that lean over the river and the old town. Enjoy the energy of these places and let yourself be involved in romance. Yes, because Porto is also a city for lovers!

We receive our visitors as we receive our friends. We appreciate that they leave pleased and willing to return soon.

With us, you are PORTO-WELLCOME!



Photos: © Henrique Gonçalves / © José Miguel Ferreira

Video: è Paulo Ferreira

Video Author: Paulo Ferreira